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  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Manuka honey
  • Does not contain any preservatives
  • Rich Antibacterial properties
  • Good immune simulator
  • Therapeutic action
  • Anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system
  • Every morning, 1 tsp before breakfast
  • Product Storage:
    • Store in dry room temperature with no access of direct sunlight.
    • Store below 77°F / 25°C

    Product Consumption:

    • Can eat directly or add to water, tea, smoothie or drizzle over breakfast. Soothing drink to boost up energy and immunity.
    • Not suitable for infants under 12 months

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Pouato Manuka Honey UMF 15+ is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. UMF stands for “Unique Manuka Factor” and is a grading system developed by the UMF Honey Association in New Zealand. UMF grading system is known as the “Golden Standard” and tracks key signature markers: Leptosperin, Methyglyoxal, HMF.

Leptosperin – naturally occurring chemical, found only in the nectar of Manuka plants and is used to confirm the authenticity of manuka honey.
Methyglyoxal – The major antibacterial component in Manuka honey.
HMF – Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is produced from the breakdown of sugar and is used as an indicator of heat treatment and ageing. The CODEX Standard recommends a maximum limit of 40 mg/kg HMF in honey.

All of these chemicals must be present in Manuka honey for it to be authentic and receive the Unique Manuka Factor. Once the UMF certificate is issued, it means the Manuka honey meets the following requirements:

– Produced, Packed and Labelled in New Zealand.
– Tested.
– Audited.
– Proof of Authenticity.

Manuka UMF Honey Health Benefits

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) indicates the amount of special anti bacterial substances as Methylglyoxal, which sterilizes and has strong effects towards harmful bacteria, strong anti-inflammatory effects, used as cancer treatments and anti inflammatory medication. Also helps with acid reflux, diarrhea, duodenal ulcer, stomach pain, ulcers, Infections of the helicobacter virus, heartburns, irritable colon syndromes, improvements of the digestion system, inflammation of the colon, stomachaches.

The higher the number, the higher the amount of anti bacterial substances it contains.

Below UMF 5 : Nutrition supplements for slight antibacterial effects.
Above UMF 5+ : For maintaining general health and well-being.
Above UMF 10+ : Effective towards indigestion, diarrhea, heart burns and skin trouble.
Above UMF 15+ : Effective improvements seen in the digestion system.
Above UMF 20+ : Helps cure duodenal ulcer, irritable colon syndromes, gastroenteritis and acid reflux.


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