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PACKAGE INCLUDE Fetta Smooth – 200g
INGREDIENT Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetable oil, salt, lactic cultures, microbial (non-animal) rennet. Contains Milk. May be Present: Peanuts & tree nuts (almonds)
CERTIFICATION Halal, HACCP, Organic, SQF, Dairy Safe

Lemnos Fetta Cheese is a brined curd white cheese made in Greece from sheep’s milk, or from a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk. Feta is a Greek soft brined white cheese with small or no holes, a compact touch, few cuts, and no skin. Its flavour is tangy and salty, ranging from mild to sharp.
-Mixture of sheep and goat milk
-Few cuts, no skin
-Tangy and salty

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Established in Australia in 1969, Lemnos has grown to be a well respected manufacturer of premium quality Mediterranean style cheeses and dairy products.
Lemnos is a proud part of the Lactalis Group, the number one dairy company in the world.
Lemnos products can also be found internationally, with our export network consisting of approximately 40 countries worldwide.
Certifications: Halal, HACCP, Organic, SQF, Dairy Safe.


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